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We’re working hard to migrate all our old friends and followers to our new website so you don’t miss any of the good stories, travel adventures and recipes posted on It’s not quite as easy as we thought.

In the meantime, we’d hate to have you out of the loop, so the simplest way to keep in touch is to use the link above and go to the new website, which has all the old content, plus a new blog at least every week. Once there, look for the opt in box in the right hand column, where you simply add your email address and click on the follow button, just as you did before.

Sorry to have to ask you to do this chore when it should all be easy to automate, but sometimes the technology gets in the way. Thanks for being patient, and we’d love to hear from you on the new site.




Nigel Napier-Andrews can now be found at

Nigel Napier-Andrews can now be found at

Friends, followers, bloggers and all the rest who have so graciously been reading my prose since I started this website in December 2012, we have an exciting development. After 80 stories posted under the Gentleman’s Portion heading, we’re off to a new site, effective with this post. My web expert will ensure that all my past posts migrate to the new site, but if you find anything doesn’t work, please let us know right away, and we’ll fix it.

Thanks to the 8,378 people who viewed the site, the 1,018 who viewed it on my best day ever and the 71 people who liked it enough to click the follow button. We’ll migrate my followers to the new site (I hope, but there will be a new button to click, if we don’t).

Gentleman’s Portion has served its purpose and now I am going to write under my own name. Yes, I’m no longer hiding behind the anonymity of a pseudonym. I’m going to be me! When this idea was first broached a few weeks ago, I was very concerned. To blog under my own name seemed, I don’t know, somehow too boastful, too egotistical. But I was reminded that my name appeared on the books I’ve written, the articles I’ve published, and on the credits of the television shows I’ve written, produced and directed, so here we are. Gentlemansportion will continue to live on Trip Advisor as my pseudonym there, where I am a “Top Contributor” with reviews of 45 restaurants, 15 hotels and 11 attractions and have been seen by 12,294 readers, who have kindly given me 35 helpful votes. Of my readers there, 48 per cent come from the United States, 30 per cent from the United Kingdom, 13 per cent from Canada and 9 per cent from other countries. My travel and culinary adventures will continue on Trip Advisor and on my own website.

Please go to for my next story and all the future ones.

Also, thanks to Taylor David, graphic artist supreme, who designed my Gentleman’s Portion banner. Thanks to Word Press who hosted my website for the past nine months (and we’re still using their excellent software to populate the new site). Thanks to Karen, my new web expert, for her attention to all the details as we make the transition, and the new design.

Nigel Napier-Andrews