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In a snowfield imagined by the late artist William Ronald

In a snowfield imagined by the late artist William Ronald

Has is snowed at your house today? Will you have a wonderful white Christmas?

Christmas is a time to build happy memories and I remember, as a child, hearing the rich voice of Richard Burton reading Dylan Thomas’s magical imagined Christmas story of a childhood in Wales. Later there was a televison version.

A few years ago a friend lent me an original 12 inch record of the poet himself reading his story. I had the Caedmon Records disc professionally transferred to digital media.

Welsh poet Dylan Thomas made this memorable recording just before he died in New York in 1953. Legend has it that he arrived at the studio without a full script and cobbled the story together on-site from other shorter pieces he had broadcast earlier on BBC.

My Christmas present to you is this original recording of A Child’s Christmas in Wales (1952) read by Dylan Thomas. Please be patient with the download. I does take a moment, as the recording lasts 20 minutes.

Have a very merry Christmas.

A scene from the 1963 television broadcast

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