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DSC00365Many think there’s something numerically magical about today, December 12, 2012. After all the 12.12.12 combination, or anything like it, won’t come around again in our lifetime.

We decided to do something really magical and not just on 12.12.12 but at exactly 12 minutes past 12 noon … or

At the appointed moment, we were swimming with pigs, four fat pregnant sows, in the crystal clear waters of the Exuma Cays. The friendly ladies saw our fast boat arriving and were already swimming out into the limpid waters of the bay, when we jumped in with treats. A frenzy of oinking porkers and thrashing hooves seemed scary, but meant no harm. What an experience, in a day filled with extraordinary adventures down here in the Exumas.DSC00357

What were you doing at 12.12 on 12.12.12? Let me know.

Author: Nigel

Freelance director and writer

One thought on “CELEBRATING

  1. We were flying to Florida on Dec 12 where we’ve had a lovely time, including hosting a party to watch the famous lighted boat parade that sails up the intra-coastal between Madeira Beach and Redington Shores. It’s like the Santa Clause parade on water, with boats lit up and decorated in the holiday season. Quite a spectacle!

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